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Welcome to ComServe Systems, LLC! We prioritize the health and wellness of our employees and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although all departments have transitioned to fully-remote operations, ComServe remains poised to offer superior quality service to our clients.

An Essential Partner

to leaders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

Experience ComServe.

ComServe Systems, LLC aims to be an essential business partner to both the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in sales, customer services, logistics, and information services, striving to help our partners increase revenue across all business units.

Our employees adapt directly into your company’s processes and systems to effectively offer support in varying roles, all without the need for costly facility overhead or HR management.

City Sky

ComServe provides superior quality contact center services to the healthcare industry and beyond.

Computer with Graph

A Cloud-Based,

Virtual Workforce.

ComServe Systems is proud to partner with a leading developer of customer interaction management solutions, to offer our clients a HIPPA compliant, plug-and-play system that allows us to manage multiple companies through different systems and hundreds of inbound and outbound numbers from one, cloud-based platform.

ComServe Systems demonstrates daily the ability to effectively implement and promote cross-training to support our client’s business needs during fluctuating task volumes. This allows for increased operating efficiencies that ensure a minimal workforce can successfully generate high levels of organized productivity.

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