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Core Capabilities.

ComServe provides superior quality contact center services to the healthcare industry and beyond.

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A Cloud-Based,

Virtual Workforce.

ComServe Systems is proud to partner with a leading developer of customer interaction management solutions, to offer our clients a HIPPA compliant, plug-and-play system that allows us to manage multiple companies through different systems and hundreds of inbound and outbound numbers from one, cloud-based platform.

ComServe Systems demonstrates daily the ability to effectively implement and promote cross-training to support our client’s business needs during fluctuating task volumes. This allows for increased operating efficiencies that ensure a minimal workforce successfully generates high levels of productivity through the following core roles:

Telesales Representatives.

Our dedicated representatives connect with targeted healthcare professionals and use their understanding of customers and  to take and process orders in an efficient and accurate manner through SAP and other leading software systems.

Finance Analysts.

Analysts prioritize customer payments, optimizing cash receipts to achieve the lowest possible days outstanding, within their duties across all aspects of credit services. They cultivate relationships with internal and external customers to meet goals and guide costa analysis.

Customer Services.

Agents meet and exceed customer service expectations by providing product and service information and resolving any issues that may arise in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment. They are trained to quickly identify and assess needs and suggest effective solutions.

Contact Center Support.

Support agents primarily provide customers with sales assistance and efficient technical support by following communication procedures and policies to convey accurate, valid, and complete information.

Employee Training.

Our team consistently develops new training techniques to better convey and retain material. Our training methods include technology-based learning, films, roleplay, and instructor-led lectures to give our employees the tools needed to succeed in an ever-changing work environment.

Project Management.

Lead advisors plan and implement project timelines and manage resource allocation, while monitoring and reporting on the success to all stakeholders, as well as managing problems and finding solutions to stay on track in an organized fashion to accomplish a goal.

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ComServe has a history of success with cross-functional integration with industry leaders.

Operational Support.

  • Pull through key client initiatives

  • Client Specific New Hire Training

Employee Development.


  • Coaching Models

  • Data Insight Workshops


  • Call Simulations

  • Role-Playing Sessions

  • Coaching

Career Enhancement.

  • Identify high potential employees and uncover future career goals

  • Prepare for future opportunities

    • Resume Development

    • Interview Preparation

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